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Tuesday, February 13

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We have a Winter Storm coming - 12" - 18" of snow on the horizon with blinding winds and the chance of freezing rain....looks like I better get out to my LSS and pick up some essentials to get me through. ha ha. Since my Valentine is in RI and I am in Maine I thought it best to post his present here - just to see if he comes and comments....and just in case we loose power tomorrow with the treacherous weather we are expecting! See Joe, I knew what I was thinking yesterday - I just didn't have this finished for you. :-) I keep telling him he can't visit my blog without leaving a comment, but he's more the quiet, lurker type...ha ha. Anywhoo, eight years ago yesterday he proposed to me - and of course I said yes. He bought me a beautiful diamond ring to give on VD but couldn't stand his excitement and I ended up getting it a few days early....that's quite alright with me - since I am not much of a secret keeper either. This year I got a Nora Jones CD and Godiva.....yum! Anyway, about the Valentine Fish, I've taken a bajillion pictures of this and can't get it quite right....but this great catch serves two purposes.....My Valentine was born to fish - and is obsessed with IT and THEM as much as I am with being a Paper Artist - AND he's certainly a keeper in my book. :-) This art is a brook trout with Vintage Dictionary pages about fish, flies and salmon in the background. And, of course it's stitched and has a real fly on the right near the mouth of the fishie....I drilled a hole in the plexi glass and inserted the fly that my little helper so graciously donated!! The label on the fish says "brook trout". I have to say, this is much more cool looking in person - because the fish piece kinda sits in the center of the frame - in outer space and you can see through all sides of the art....I hope my Valentine will post on whether he likes it or not!!

Happy Valentine's Day Freak!! Love ya.


  1. Hey Freak...Luya! Thanks for the picture, scrapbook page framed...what would you call that?...anyway, it's cool!

    Oh, btw, I got some sort of blogger account thingy set up... I think it's but what do I know...I can lift heavy things

  2. I have no idea what I'm doing...surprise!!
    This might wind up as a double post.

    Thank you, I think the fish is awesome!

  3. OMG Cat that fish is the coolest. My dh would LOVE it, for he is a big time fly fisherman. Congrats on the ranking of your book. That is EXCITING!!!

  4. Thanks for posting to me on my blog. Glad we have found each other. We're iced/snowed in here today in DC too. What better way to spend Valentine's Day than snuggled in with family. Now let's hope & pray for no more ice that could take out our power. Then we'll REALLY be snuggling.

    Your CHA time looks like it was fun. You are Martha! YAY.

    Congratulations on your book. It looks great.


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