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Thursday, February 8

Martha and I were so SERIOUS about the Cutterpede!

Here are some pictures that my wonderful room mate Carla Sylvester took of Martha Stewart and me. Looking back on them - I wish I had smiled more and possibly tried to engage her in conversation - and been less serious! I was a little overwhelmed with the sheer fact that MY DREAM OF SEEING MARTHA in person was coming true. I must say I am thankful to Terri Clair of EK Success for chiming in and asking me to show her about the Cutterpede and let her try it. She went on to discuss paper trimmers in her Keynote - and the optimist in me can only imagine that she MUST have been referring to the topnotch instructions I gave her. AND, in case you are wondering, I saved that piece of paper she is holding and plan on auctioning it off on Ebay.....LOL, jk. But, I do plan on using it in a page about meeting her! You betchya! The above picture is another dream come true - and that is my 40 year old ASS is getting carded by some young thing that just either didn't have a clue or needs to wear glasses. Either way, I was totally flattered and couldn't wait to get that 'rita and drink it down. My 40 year old ASS could only handle one though....LOL. The above picture is how I look after 4 days of getting up at the crack of California dawn to get ready to work every day.....and to work from 7:15am 'til 5pm. This is how I look when suffering from a little jet lag maybe....getting to sleep WAY to late and getting up WAY to early - with minimal caffeine to get me going - and that was the free yuck that comes in the room! These pictures were all taken by Carla, THANKS for sharing!


  1. I am very happy for you Cat!
    Can not wait to see that LO!

  2. LOL!! ...selling on ebay!!! you crack me up Cat! great pics - looks like an awesome time you had! :)

  3. Boy honey, if I look so darn freakin' good when I'm 40 and worked as much as you did with a jet leg- I will be thrilled! No wonder you got carded!!! Love all the photos! I think you should sell the piece of paper and just try what you could get - LoL!


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