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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Sunday, June 17

PSA #8: Summer Classes at My Creative Classroom

Join Catherine at My Creative Classroom in this fast-paced 3 week workshop jam packed with fun techniques and projects as she explores several different types of Mixed Media Collage. The first week you will learn a little art history, watch a video about tools and supplies and how to use them as well as learn some basic surface techniques to add texture, color and images to your collage and create a basic collage utilizing the techniques discussed. 
In following weeks Catherine will introduce different collage techniques as she provides a detailed, step-by-step presentation demonstrating how she created the sample project for the week. Each week will have a discussion forum for specific questions as well as a Student Gallery to share completed projects and gain personal assistance with your project. At the end of the course the student will have had the opportunity to complete three different collages using a variety of tools and supplies.
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Get Creative in this Wire, Paint + Paper workshop!

Each week you will change the surface of the canvas by adding paint, paper, wire shapes, text, quotes and other embellishments to make a cohesive canvas. The end result: we’ll make a larger canvas that incorporates several (or all) of the techniques from class in a personal shrine that will be a creative inspiration to you every time you look at it.

Students will create a new canvas each week and learn how to:

·   Combine masks with multiple layers of paint, ink and paper

·   Create image transfers on canvas
·   Work with crackle paints, glazes, gesso and Gel Medium
·   Create layered paint backgrounds
·   Bend and incorporate rusty wire on your canvas
·   Mix vintage papers, paint, ink and stencils to create one of a kind backgrounds
·   Include found objects such as sea glass, shells, dried flowers or whatever your heart desires on 
your art to give it a place to rest and be displayed in your home

This class includes slideshows, handouts, sample projects and technique variations, student art galleries, discussion forums and informational links as well as Extended Enrollment. Please email me at cmscanlon (at) with any questions you may have about this class.

Sign up early and save $5.00!
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the Magic of Christmas: A Primer for Interactive Holiday Cards

You won’t want to miss this boot-camp style fun and furious new course at My Creative Classroom with Catherine Scanlon. If you’ve taken any classes with Catherine before you know they will be jam-packed full of useful information you can use in all your card making and crafting endeavors
In this newest offering at My Creative Classroom, she will walk you through the steps to create 10 beautiful, creative and unique interactive cards to give to those special people in your life. Taylor the papers, embellishments and sentiments to create the same cards for birthday, wedding and other important celebrations you want a special card for.

Each weekday for 2 weeks you will receive access to a new lesson. Each week the lessons will includes videos, step-by-step instructions and downloadable .PDF files – to make an interactive card each day.  With a total of 10 Lessons – you are getting access to 5 weeks of lessons in just 2, a great value and time saving idea!
Week 1 will be a primer – introducing you to interactive cards with instruction on beginner mechanics like easels, pop-ups, folders and tents. Each card will be a masterpiece in folding, sliding or interactivity.
Moving in to Week 2 your cards will become more complicated and intricate works of art with styles like droppers, twirlers, zippers, buttons, and more intricate pop-up cards.
While this class will be a boot-camp-style in presentation, you will have plenty of time to create and share your cards during the course of the class as well as access to the Message Forums to interact with Catherine and your fellow students.
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You can also sign up for two other classes I've got lessons in -- these two collaborative classes, Wrap it Up and All About Christmas. 

I hope to see you in the classroom over at My Creative Classroom, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the way things work, what you might need or substitutions! 
Have a great Sunday!

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