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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, June 6

ideas to reality….part 2

you might remember this piece of art I started, way back there last week. I certainly remember it -- and have been spending a LOT of time loving on it. layer after layer after layer of paint, stencils, modeling paste. brush it on, sand it off. leave a little. add a little more. over and over again.
Kind of like the Karate Kid movie -- wax on wax off.

I wanted to build up a LOT of layers.

but maintain the focal image -- that brush cleaning practice that caught my eye on my table.
a few minutes here, there -- everywhere since last week. I brought it to completion a dozen times and then decided it wasn't done 11 of them. Each time afraid that I might over-work it. Starting to fall in love with it -- then hating it. then loving it again. love hate. hate love. isn't that a huge part of life?

I must have changed the newsprint on my table a dozen times too -- thinking I was done just to come back and do some more. It just didn't tell me it was done. It didn't feel done. I couldn't leave it, not until it was ready.
Now, I finally believe it is done. Ready to take flight and go to it's new home. I hope it's loved. I hope the person on the other end will know how much thought, effort -- paint and sand paper and modeling paste and stencil love I put into this and love it as much as they can. 

so with that, think about the effort you put into life -- art -- family and relationships -- and just when you think they might be done -- breathe new life into them and love them some more. 

Thanks for stopping by -- hope you have a wonderful day! 


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