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Merrymeeting Art House, my on-line classroom!
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Friday, April 8

Study of Rudbeckia

I've been busy in the studio this week working on these projects and a few others. You know when you create a piece of art that makes you feel good, and the feeling lasts for days and days and inspires you to want to create more pieces of art?? That's what these two pieces did for me this week. I've been in a big rut lately -- well for a good long time really. More than just creativily - just in everything.

This week, I feel like I'm on my way out of the rut. Really. It's amazing what a few warm, sunny days and some time to create some great art will do for the soul.

If you are feeling down and out -- I highly recommend creating something. Whatever medium you like to work with - just go do it. Spend the afternoon at it. Spend a couple afternoons at it. I need to remember how great I'm feeling this week the next time something gets me down! You will feel so much better after!

Thanks for stopping by -- hope you are having a great Friday - and have a great weekend too!


  1. Beautiful work...LOVE black-eyed Susans...can't wait to see them in my garden! Thx for sharing :)

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL piece you created Catherine. I too agree that creating makes one feel sooooo much better when going thru a down spell. Here's to sunshine and happy thoughts your way:)
    - DebbieK


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