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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, April 26

Cherry Blossom Birthday Card Tutorial

What do you do when you are short on time, have forgotten you need a birthday card -- and can't get to the store to buy one...not to mention that buying cards makes you feel guilty because you have a studio FULL of supplies to make cards?? Well, you look through your supplies until you find something you LOVE (like the Cherry Blossom Vellum stickers shown here) and make a card. I will say I spent more time LOOKING at my supplies than making this card, LOL.

Here's a side-ish view so you can see the dimension, LOVE dimension!

And a close-up of the tag. Lately I've really been into making little tags for cards and things.

If you want to make a card like this, or see how I did it, check out the detailed Tutorial over on the Spotted Canary blog that I write for.

Sorry for long time with no posts. Last week was school vacation week and we took a little vacation up to Acadia National Park. It was a nice few days away without the computer, TV and lots of other things. I've got a busy few weeks but I hope to post more often!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

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