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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Saturday, July 3

Belated Birthday's aren't so bad!

My birthday was last week - I turned 44. I don't really feel 44 - except when I'm really tired and recuperating from a whirlwhind trip to places like Cleveland - kind of like I am right now. That's why I only posted once this week. I slept until 8:30 today and fell asleep on the couch last night.

I've never been to Cleveland. The people are so nice, I really enjoyed them - and we had Lebanese food one night. That was awesome, I can't wait to make some BaBa Ganoush. Now I'm wishing I had grown some eggplant in my garden.

Anyway, back to my birthday. . . For less than one month every year my husband and I are the same age. He's older than me the rest of the time, I don't let him forget that either. We celebrated my birthday last week with dinner at Little Tokyo and had Gelato Fiasco for dessert. I've had a lot going on - as have my friends so I didn't have a chance to get together with them for a birthday lunch until today - and it was well worth the wait! We met at Little Tokyo for delicious japanese food - and then Gelato Fiasco for dessert, I'm sure you can tell by now that these are my favorite places to dine in my town.

Karen gave me the sweetest, tiniest jointed Frozen Charlottes that she found on a recent antiqueing trip - simply adorable. I think the smallest one is about 1" tall. She knows I love them - it was totally sweet and thoughtful of her - along with the other things she gave me.

Look at this beautiful quilt Kelley made for me. Kelley is an awesome quilter - and these colors will be perfect in my studio.

Karen and I with the quilts that Kelley made for us - Karen's birthday was last month.

Here's my little guy with Kelley - he loves Little Tokyo as much as I do.

Belated Birthdays, they're not so bad!! Celebrating Half Birthday's is a good idea too - a decision we all made today. Having a half Birthday means you get to celebrate your birth 2 times a year! Really - just an excuse to eat lunch out and make (and receive) presents from your best buds! It's a great idea!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by......hope you can celebrate your birthday - or half birthday real soon!


  1. oh how cool sweets! you deserve the best birthday one can imagine!

  2. Happy Birthday Catherine.....looks like you had a lovely celebration...

    Mine was last week on Monday, i wonder what day yours was?
    mines just put me into depressed state lol


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