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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, June 15

Nothing like a Craft Day with Great friends!

It's amazing how spending time with good friends doing something that you love can renew and refresh your spirit. I've been working so hard on assignments for the last long bit of time (can't remember how long.....) that I really haven't had a chance to do anything remotely like what I did today - it was a wonderful day! We had so much fun just working on our junk, talking and laughing - and eating the lovely lunch that Karen made - I just have to say it again - I had a great day!

It was nice working in Karen's newly designed studio - makes me want to get mine done even more! She has so much storage space and everything is so organized - it's simply devine!

Kelley had a quilt that she needed to finish for her nursery, it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL quilt! I think she really wanted to work on what we were making, but she's under the gun to get it done, next time she'll get to play though!

Karen and I made our tin can people. We did a lot of brainstorming to figure out the best way to do things. Love that part!

Oooh, Karen's head looks nice on my Tin Can lady. :-)

I must have said something funny, Karen's laughing at me again, LOL. I thought it was funny that Karen and I both decided to use keys for our feet. I packed my junk up last night and threw two different sized feet in my box and she had a pile of goodies on her work table that had the two keys on top. Great minds think alike!

This is what she looked like before I left Karen's (mine is on the right, Karen's on the left.) When I got home I couldn't stop fiddling with her .....and ended up making some drastic changes to her outfit!

I decided she needed to start wearing a dress and lose the quote. I like her much better now. The pink velvet ribbon and lace really are the perfect addition.

I don't think these pictures really do her justice, she looks MUCH better in person! I had so much fun making my Tin Can Lady that I have the body of another one all done - Tin Can Lady #2 just needs a head. Now - I'll just have to find some old junkie ones that will adorn my Tin Can Gal.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!


  1. how awesome!!!! I wish I was there!!! And I love those hangmens :)

  2. LOVE the tin people!!!! I also love the new background...lovely, dahling!

  3. They are so cute!! You ladies are sooo creative. I am always inspired when I see what you pull together...amazing.

  4. love the look of your blog!

    i love my craft days with my friends, so much fun and laughter. your tin can people look very cute!


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