Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, June 14

Gettin' My Craft On....

I'm getting ready to go out for the day and craft with two of my favorite crafting pals today, a much needed respit from assignments and due dates. Though it's right back at it tomorrow because I've got more due on Wednesday and a HUGE list of instructions due on Friday!! I'm hoping for a rain day on Friday so the boy and I can have a pajama day on the first day of his summer vacation and I can get those instructions written up and out of here!

We saw these fun little gals on our trek to Brimfield. I picked up a HUGE bag of spice cans like this at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and we're going to try our hands at making some. Need to get motivated and get in the shower!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your MONDAY!

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