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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, June 9

a CREATIVE start to my day!!

I was so inspired by the two scrapbook pages I made using Nat's beautiful papers that I got up - got my son off to school and got into the studio to scrapbook a page just for ME. It was lovely and came together perfectly - and quickly too.

If only I could find a half an hour every day to do this I'd be able to use up the plethora of supplies (both new and OLD) hanging out in piles in there and have a ton of scrapbook pages ready for albums.

Seriously though, my studio is a complete disaster - with piles and boxes of products, projects, clutter and crap everywhere! It's too much of a disaster to show pictures right now, depressing really. There are many days where I can't stand to go in there. I've been squirreling away my money for almost a year now so I can make it over, now I just need to get in gear and do it. I started getting serious about wanting to do make my studio over when I saw Donna Downey's new studio. AMAZING. Inspiring. A great space to work in. Though, I was totally inspired by what she did - I'm not going to use Ikea cabinetry - for one - it's a LONG drive to Ikea - and two - I'd have to hire someone to put it together and there goes any savings.

I do plan on getting lining two walls with base cabinets with two work spaces - one for my computer and one for my sewing machine. I also am planning on having white bead board wainscoting with two shelves over to store my punches and little jars, favorite trinkets on....but I think one wall is going to be open shelving with labeled baskets to store all the junk that doesn't fit in the drawers.

And lighting, there will be NEW lighting to brighten the place up. It's really hard to work in there or even take pictures of my work because of the shadows cast from the spotlights.

Thanks for stopping by - please send any good organization, lighting or cool studio ideas my way if you have a minute or two, TTFN

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  1. awesome design- I loe it! As for organizing...mmhhh - hard to say- LOL - I'm not well organized right now- I have to work on that the next weeks too!


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