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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, June 11

Butt Dialin' Etiquette

Have you ever butt dialed anyone with your phone because it wasn't in the case or you forgot to lock the screen?? I have - like 15 times since I lost my phone case last week. Not sure if lost is the appropriate word - more like I accidentally threw it away last week when I was cleaning out my car at Panerra Bread because I like to use their garbage can instead of my own. Maybe that was Karma that came and stole my phone case...hmmm.

Anyway, after I butt dialed my husband's voice mail for like 2 minutes and my friend Hannah and whoever else I decided that I needed a new phone case. I had picked up this cute felt purse at AC Moore last fall to make a fancy little sling purse for my niece for Christmas butt never got around to it.... I think it got lost in the pile of other good intentions that I was going to make.

As I was cleaning up from a crafting frenzy this last week or so that Ican'ttellyouaboutuntilmuchlater I found my niece's possible Christmas present and decided it would be perfect for my phone - but it was pretty plain and had a strap long enough so you could sling it around your shoulder or across your chest. I cut the strap off so it would fit in my purse nicely and then got to work on a little design to make it more like something I would want to carry around in public.

I pawed through my stash of stuff and found some little squares of wool felt that the lovely ladies of ArtGirlz gave me eons ago - and an idea finally came together.

I spent about 30 minutes cutting circles from the felt and gluing them to the little case with craft glue to keep them in place and then I spent about 2 hours stitching all of them on.

I am totally loving it, my phone is stylin' now - and no more butt dialing my friends, my husband, the school and whoever else I called over the last week!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!


  1. LOL - you crack me up ;) Love this case - so cool!

  2. That looks Great Cathy... Thank you for my little bag.. I'm gonna decorate it and use it to store my needle punch tools in.. They fit perfectly in it..

  3. I just love this, looks so bright and cheery and will go with any outfit;)


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