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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Sunday, May 16

New York City

Before I can post the Brimfield pictures I need to finally share my pictures from our April vacation in New York City. We had an amazing time - the weather held out nicely - and so did my husband - even though had had major surgery just 2 weeks before we left, it was quite a perfect week!

The window display at Tinsel Trading, I loved all those metal letters! Though, the store didn't have much that I was drooling to have!

We went to Wicked one night, OH MY GOSH - it was amazing!

The first morning, at Bryant Park.

The dappled sun on the sidewalk at the park is so pretty here. We played ping pong and enjoyed the morning here, it was such nice respit in the middle of the city!

One of the pretty details on the fence near the bathrooms at Bryant Park that caught my eye.

The boy had a superBoy portrait done, it was cute.

Messing around waiting for Blue Man Group to start.

After the most amazing show, the boy was VERY inspired to start practicing his drums without complaint!

Went to Martha Stewart show, VERY front row seats. On another day I met my EK Success friends at the MSLO offices and sat in on a creative meeting with Alex (who was on the shoe last week showing some punch techniques) and then off to the EK offices in Clifton, NJ. I just loved that day for sure.

Went over to Brooklyn where my husband spent 10 or so years of his life. Visited his old stoop - which made him happy even though we walked a bazillion miles from the subway station!

Waiting for the Ferry to come and take us over to Randall Island for the Cirque du Soleil show. Oh WOW - that was amazing too. We had great seats - and the boy again was inspired to practice his drums!

Dinner with my pal Carla from EK Success at Ruby Foo's.

Got Meredith's autograph, and she did a double take. She said I look just like her best friend. That was special!

A picture of the sign before we ripped Meredith's signature off to save for a scrapbook page, LOL.

Taking a picture of myself in the mirror of his glasses with 30 Rock in the background, cool.

BatMan Lego at FAO Schwartz (don't know if that's spelled right but oh well.)

A ride in Central Park.

A mime at the park that gave me the creeps.

Smile.....again ;-)

This was a cool thing on our walk back to the hotel from Central Park.

A quick shot of some pretty colored ribbons from Tinsel Trading.

That's about it in a nutshell, we had the most amazing week of weather, adventure and great eats. We certainly got our exercise - we walked several miles a day, I'm sure! It is the most amazing city, though I'm happy that I live in the country!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!


  1. Love all your photos! Looks like it was a great trip. Good fun...I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Wicked!!! We saw it in Chicago...waaay fun. Would see it again in a heartbeat.

    Your Friend in ART,

  2. ohhh this looks like so much fun!!!!!

  3. so happy you guys saw SO MUCH and had a blast!!!! (yep, I'm on Patrick's computer...see all of the S's )


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