Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, May 21

Just change the angle

I love photography - something about carrying around a camera makes me happy, and good. I like catching the perfect moment on film - it makes me happy to look at the pictures I've taken of people places and things I see in my travels.

I learned though, that by changing your perspective, or the angle that you are taking the picture from - can change the dynamics of the photo and take it from blah to WoW!

It can go from a row of 4 really boring plant pots against a white wall in a cute shop . . .

to 4 really cool pots with fun shells embedded in grout on the sides in a shop that you want to know where it is and shop there right now!

You wouldn't even imagine that this shop had some really cool antiques in it. Nor would you want to try and make some of these pots by looking at the first picture! (By the way, they were made in Malorca or some exotic place like that.)

I went shopping with my Mom the weekend before Mother's Day and she saw these pots. She fell in love with them and kept saying she wanted one, but typical of my Mom she didn't leave with one. Later this summer she would have wished she bought it for herself. To be honest I don't think she could justify spending 65 bucks on a pretty plant pot.

So, we bought it for her for Mother's Day! She was pleasantly surprised, and I think I may have seen a little glint of a tear in her eye! I could tell she was happy because she had something in it from the nursery the next day!

I totally am going to start looking for mussel shells at the beach this summer and make some of these bad boys for myself and all my cool friends can join me if they want!

Thanks for stopping by - the weekend starts off tomorrow with a beautiful day - and I'm gonna get the boy up early and to go out junking! Enjoy your weekend, and try changing your perspective - you never know what you'll see!

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  1. This cool friend would love to try making one! :)


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