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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, May 17

Brimfield 2010

Last week I went on my (hoping it becomes annual - we've gone the last two years so...maybe) annual trip to the Brimfield Antique Show. It's not far from here - a drive of a couple of hours. It's just far enough that we stay overnight in a hotel and get up early (5:30am early) and go exploring and buying old junk for the day.

One the drive down to Brimfield we stop at a couple of our favorite places - one is Absolutely Everything in Topsfield and the other is Holy Scrap in New Hampshire somewhere. It's hard not to spend all of our money at AE - but somehow we manage, LOL.

Last year the weather was sunny and warm - perfect weather for outside junking. This year - not so much! When we left the hotel it was cold, wet and drizzly. But that didn't discourage us - we had raincoats, umbrella's and were ready for a great day!

Here we are, getting ready to leave the hotel to get some breakfast across the street.

McDonald's anyone?

Karen found this cool box made out of rulers, to bad she saw it first because I wanted it, LOL.

I wanted this sign, but it wasn't even old and the dude wanted $49.00 for it. Needless to say I didn't get it!

Geez, what happened to my hand? It was so cold that it got frost bite!

These girls were so cool - I really want to figure out how to make one for myself!

Pretty trims, though our favorite trim lady wasn't there that day.

Buttons, weird looking buttons.

Look at all these chairs!

They were really really tiny!

More sweet girls that we all loved!

Hannah's bag was so heavy her back was hurting.....

Pictures of my them all! The thread cabinet is large enough to hold all my threads and arrange them by color!

At our dinner spot the night before, it was great!

So that was my trip to Brimfield in a nutshell, hope you enjoyed it! Maybe I'll see you there next year! Thanks for stopping by!

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