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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, July 29

Christmas in July

I'm so excited, while I was on vacation Amanda from Stampington emailed me the spread of my article that will be in the Somerset Holidays and Celebrations. I'm so excited with the way it looks, they have such an amazing graphic designer!! This is a 4 page spread and I think it will be available in September!! If this is any indication of how pretty this issue will be I can't wait to get mine!!

It's hot and balmy here - and I'm not complaining ONE bit! I am happy for the sun, for the heat and for the rain to not be falling - at the moment at least! I hope you enjoy your day, we've got running around to do today. I've already made Blueberry Syrup and gone to yoga. Still have blueberry jam and grocery shopping and a few other things to do! I guess my days of rest and relaxation for the rest of the summer might not happen any time this week!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy your day!


  1. WOW! looking good Catherine!
    I hoping to sit down soon and make a few ATC's... it's looks like we are more than due for a swap! Enjoy your summer and hugs from Canada!

  2. Nice! Will you autograph my copy?! You rock!

  3. Very beautiful spread! Always fun to see stuff in print! :D Looks awesome, I will look forward to that issue!

    yapping cat

  4. Can't wait to get my hands on this issue:) Congrats on the spread!!


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