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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, August 2

some new cards....

I've been trying to get to these thank you cards for about a week now, got some that need to be sent out for nice things that have been done and last night after the boy went to bed I finally had an idea for a simple card, yet nice to make and nice to get. I think they still need a little machine sewing, but I'll get to that this afternoon after we've done some other things. I think I'll just stitch the heart on each card, fast and easy!! Though something tells me that I'll end up stitching a border, they look pretty naked with out that!

The rest of the pictures are of the picnic we went on one night last week to Popham Beach. The picnic part wasn't so nice because the mosquitos were ferocious, but after that we walked on the beach for quite a while and that was nice. My favorite picture is the one with my husband and my shadow on his shirt. I also loved the forest at the waters edge, that was pretty cool!

Well, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. These are cute cards! And yes, btw, we would love to trade places! LOL. It was about 97 here today...toooooooo hot. Especially since the last few days prior had been rainy, and upper 80's. I'll take 70's! In a heart beat! :D

    yapping cat

  2. very nice cards and love your happy pics jenxo

  3. Super CUTE cards! Love seeing the photos of the fam!


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