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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, July 6

Pictures from the Re-Enactment and Washington D.C.

My boy was a Confederate Soldier, and they recognized him as coming all the way from Maine. It was a gorgeous setting. I just wish those campers, tents and cars were over the hill just a little bit more, then the picture would look REALLY authentic. My boy and his friend, a Union Soldier.
My boy and an unknown soldier from his regiment.
In front of an authentic tent, protecting the Colonel.
Trail of soldiers headed back to camp after the battle of Little Round Top.
A lovely summer evening.
Harper's Ferry in the very early morning.
My friend, her son and my son in DC. It was hot and we were waiting for our bus to take us back to Arlington.
Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
My boy and Lincoln.
Vietnam Veteran Memorial
As you can see we packed a LOT into our trip. A lot of things I didn't take pictures of because my camera was acting a little wonky on me. THANKS for visiting and i'll post a few more of my favorite pictures from the trip tomorrow!


  1. Nice photos! I love the photos of the boy with all of his fellow soldiers. Nice! I did not realize you were going to Harpers Ferry...very big for AT hikers! Can't wait to see some of these photos in layouts.

  2. Welcome home! thanks for sharing your great photos. I am thrilled to tell you that while you were gone I got a little sewing maching and have begun to sew on paper. I love it and am totally hooked!! You have inspired me since I found your blog {via Vicki C.}. Oh yes indeed I say thank YOU!


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