Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, July 9

Recycled Pencil Holder and Baubles

A while back I invited you all to check out a new place on the internet called Spotted Canary. It's been a big part of the work that I've been doing since the beginning of the year and I'm really proud of the way that it has all come together.

I also wanted to share a couple new of projects that are up over there, at Spotted Canary! I had so much fun making the baubles. It's pretty easy, and I've even taken it to the boy's 4th grade class and they made some too. If you have a minute, check out my projects over there. You'll find the instructions and supply lists for these two projects that I've done, plus many others by me and my fellow team members! I hope you'll visit and be sure to stop back and let me know what you think!!

Have a GREAT rest of your day. The sun is finally shining, though I've got some Spotted Canary projects to work on this afternoon so I won't be outside much!!


  1. It is such an amazing website and your projects are stunning!!! Love you girl- your work is a constant inspiration for me!

  2. Oh I'll have to go check it out. Your projects are so cute! Love them! Miss ya!


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