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Sunday, June 14

We had a Visitor today...

Of the 4 legged variety! She was looking for a place to make a nest and lay her eggs....and in my raised rock flower garden no less. We heard the dog barking and growling at something and when we came down to investigate saw this little girl slowly moseying her way around the yard. I wasn't too happy that she wanted to get in my flower beds - and in the long run I think she changed her mind. It could have been after she fell on her back and I flipped her over using the end of a shovel, but I'm not sure. The boy thinks that when they fall on their back they have no way of flipping themself back over....

In other news, I learned how to sew a buttonhole today. Not that it was very hard, or that you should be excited about it - but my Mom's sewing machine was a little challenged, and I had to do everything in reverse.....but they're done and no one will notice the little imperfections but me. I'm making a constume for the boy for this weekend. We're going to Virginia to participate in a Civil War Reenactment. Looking forward to that! I turned a Women's Blazer into a confederate coat - my creative endeavor for the day! Well that's all for now, thanks for visiting.


  1. oh beautiful!! her shell looks like it has been lacquered!!!!its so shiny!!!
    ugh i hate doing buttonholes jenxo

  2. that is one HUGE turtle... is it just a box turtle?? it looks to rounded to be a snapping turtle, but hard to tell.

    woo hoo on doing buttonholes... i HATE doing buttonholes!! have fun at the civil war re-enactment.

  3. That is one amazing turtle. So great to see. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. wow that is super neat! we love turtles and usually will have a big snapping turtle cruise through our yard a few times in the summer.


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