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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, June 8

Vintage Wall Paper...

I have a love of vintage flocked wall paper. I usually don't find pieces that I like - and when I do I hang on to it forever. Like the pink on this card...I've had it for about 3 years now, it was so pretty I just enjoyed looking at it and touching it when I looked through my stash for papers to use in projects. A while ago I got on a kick of using up my stash and started cutting it up - until I had just a small piece left. I used the very last piece (with the exception of a few thin strips left) in this card I made for my friend's birthday. I gave it to her today...and I hope she loved it as much as I love the pink flocked wall paper that I will miss greatly. (btw, she loved all the ATC's I gave her....) I recently purchased some new papers - from Absolutely Everything - that looked very similar to this wall paper - though they are not vintage - and they are NOT pink...they do look a lot like it. I used a little bit of it already...but I'm gonna hang on to the other sheets for a while - and just look at them every once in a blue moon and remember how much I loved (and miss) my pink wallpaper! Maybe by the time I get around to using them up they'll be considered vintage?? he he. Thanks for visiting - I hope you have a great MONday!


  1. beautiful card! I to love vintage wallpaper.

    peggy lee

  2. just wanted to let you know that i snatched up "your newest" somerset sew magazine. i am drooling all over it...

    congratulations again catherine!!! you really rock!!

  3. You know, I do that too - I love using bits of wallpaper and we have one shop here that sells flocked packing paper (damask design). It feel different and somewhat exciting creating with something not specifically intended for crafting, don't you think?
    I absolutely adore this card. Your stitching is unrivaled anyway but I adore the different textures and layers

  4. LOVE this pretty in pink card! You had me giggling because i hoard things like that too - especially pretty paper and ribons and if it's vintage I can barely part with it even though I bought it to use and share. Oh boy!


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