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Thursday, June 11

Forget me Not...

Fabric and paper ATC. Image printed on muslin with my trusty HP printer. Made when I could still find fabric tape measures.

It's been a busy day finishing up projects, writing instructions and invoices...baking and working a few minutes to put up a fence that will protect the broccolli that is growing nicely from the deer that may discover it in the garden. And even exercised for nearly 45 minutes on the treadmill. Phew, busy. And baking. Yes, I do bake too. Here's a picture of creativity for you..... I was showered with my clean new green tree t-shirt on, brown and pink Life is Good to long pj bottoms that are so long they drag on the floor and a blueberry print apron that hangs to my knees so I don't make a mess of my clean t-shirt. Yes, I was a picture, but I smelled good. Oh, and don't forget the black flip flops. :-) I crafted and worked on the computer that way all was great! Everyone needs a pajama day every once in a while.

The baking involved making 1 batch of brownies and 1 batch of blondies. The brownies came out great - they were for the field trip to the Gray Animal Park tomorrow...but since the Gluten Free Blondies were a total and complete flop - some of the brownies went to the Silpada party with me tonight. What a disappoinment. Since I'm pretty much a cheapscate on some things - to spend nearly 10 bucks on a batch of blondies, follow the instructions to the absolute T only to have them totally flop really frustrates me. No, really it pisses me off. But anyway. I think that the reason they flopped is because I added white chocolate chips to them. There was no trace of chocolate chips in the final flop, so some kind of weird thing happened. The boy said they tasted great but I thought differently - and they went in the trash!

The Silpada party was fun, and I restrained myself and only ordered one thing!! I can't wait for it to come! Well, that's all for now....hope to have some pictures of my garden to share with you tomorrow. Thanks for visiting and see you later!


  1. haha i love my flanny pjs!! love your atc too jenxo

  2. I have MANY baking flops....Patrick & his fishing buds still eat them though :-)

  3. Pajama days are great days! Your ATC is great...more sewing than I would do!!

  4. As always .. another great ATC. Love being inspired here. And oh yes, PJ days are the best!

  5. *sigh* you had me at the tape measure! LOL!

    yapping cat


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