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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, June 18

A few new cards....and a bracelet too!

The boy and I are headed to Virginia tomorrow to visit a really good friend and her family. He's also going to participate in a Civil War Reenactment. We've (I mean I've) been scrambling all week to get things done: laundry, assignments, birthday presents bought wrapped and ready to send, cards made....I could go on but that would be pretty boring. Instead I thought I'd share a few of the cards I made for Father's Day and a Thank You card for the boy's teacher.

I'm not sure about the bracelet, but it's all I have time for and that's what she's gonna get. I'm pretty sure she'll like it..... I hope.

I'll try and post from VA....but no promises. We'll be back next Wednesday night - so expect a post from me on Thursday! Enjoy your weekend and all that!!


  1. I love your cards and your style. I'll definitely be back for more inspiration! Ali

  2. im sure she'll love it... love your stitched cards too, spesh the first one..... ejxno

  3. those cards are gorgeous and I love the bracelet you made!!!! Have fun!

  4. Very nice Catherine :) The charm on the bracelet is a nice touch. Gorgeous cards too! Have a great time and we'll see you next Sunday!

  5. Hi Catherine, luv your cards and bracelet.
    Wishing you an enjoyable week-end in Virginia.

  6. Love all the cards and the bracelet is gorgeous!
    Travel safe you guys!

  7. Hi Catherine, I noticed on my birthday facebook, that your birthday is on Thursday 25, My birthday is on Wednesday 24.
    Happy Birthday to both of us.

    peggy lee

    love the cards!!!

  8. Always love your cards! And hope you have a great time in Virginia.

    yapping cat

  9. wow.. that's pretty cool! I also got my new sterling silver rings
    this week..hope I can have a bracelet like yours..


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