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Tuesday, June 9

Another week in pictures....

I knew the last week was going to be busy....thought I'd share some pictures with you! My boy, running hard at his last cross country meet. It was a little windy - and I don't think he drank as much water as he should have throughout the day - and the course started out with a long he finished 65 out of 83. I am so proud of him, he put his best foot forward, and is already looking forward to the fall when it starts again. I think we'll be working on some hill training this summer to help him!
Friday I met my art pals Kelley and Karen for lunch at 111 Maine. It was a great lunch and we planned our Art Day that we had yesterday. I was really happy because they had a GREAT vegetarian dish and soup that I ordered - we all enjoyed our lunch!
Later in the day my boy had his A.A.T.V. (Advanced All Terrain Vehicle) in the 4th Grade Invention Convention. He worked so hard on the two models and poster, and he had some really great features in it. The grade came back yesterday, he go an E (Exceeds Expectations...) and he was very proud of the comments his teacher gave him!
Friday night I threw a bunch of things I'd been piling up over the last couple of months and headed out to my friend Leslie's house to set up for a yard sale on Saturday. My boys went camping and I had the weekend free to yard sale and garden. I was too busy to take pictures - and apparently put on sunscreen or remember a hat. I got a pretty good sunburn on my face and neck. Thankfully it's finally feeling better and I'm happy that the piles are gone. I'm also happy that I got to spend most of Sunday working in my garden and then planting what wouldn't fit in my garden at my Mom's. I sure hope that it starts to warm up so things can start to grow! I'm happy for the rain, just wish it was warmer......I had to put the dang heat on today!! It's supposed to be summer!

On Monday when Karen and Kelley came over we decided to have dessert first...because Karen had brought us a delicious chocolate pudding cake and ice cream. It was still warm from the oven!! Here's Kelley having a panic attack over her cake :-)

Here's Karen enjoying every moment of her cake. Luckily no one took pictures of me licking up the pudding that fell on the counter!
Hard at work!!

We made hand-stitched art took a few minutes to get the hang of the stitching, even though Karen was a great teacher....I had a hard time with the first two or three signatures but after that everything came together. I still have a little bit to do, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I used white muslin on the cover and painted it with Gesso so I can paint or collage or do what ever I want on it and it'll remain sturdy. Inside is a mixture of watercolor and drawing papers. I'm planning on taking it on our summer vacation in July.
Here's the three of us after about an hour of trying to figure out the timer on Karen's camera...he he he. What a great laugh that was!

Thanks for visiting....ta ta for now - I've got to get myself to bed now!


  1. Love this post, I like to read about what other families do everyday. I love the fact that you have ladies you get together alot with and have a crafting day. Inspiration!!

    peggy lee

  2. I had the best time Monday!!! Even recovered from all the stitching & am planning the next book. Thanks for hosting us, Catherine!

  3. so much fun - thanks for sharing. I wish I woudl have been there!

  4. I had a great time on Monday (and lunch on Friday!). I put the binding on my book after I got home and am giving it to Dr. Wood - she LOVES to journal. I showed her the book today and she loves it! I am in the mood to make more books :) And by the way....I do have a photo of you and that chocolate :-D


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