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Tuesday, June 16

Summer layout at Scrapbooking & Beyond!

Thought I’d share a quick hybrid page I created for Scrapbooking & Beyond magazine. You can download the instructions if you are interested in how I did either the digital part or the traditional paper part!

Got a ton of things to do today, so I’m on the run! Enjoy your day, thanks for visiting!


  1. I am glad I hopped on the computer for a break from mowing the lawns, I went to your blog, interesting layout I am very interested on how you made it, I will have to check it out when the lawns are done.
    Wonderful work,

    peggy lee

  2. I love this- so cool! Congrats on ths amazing pub!

  3. great layout... LOVE IT!! congratulations on being in scrapbooking & beyond. you have been a busy girl!!

  4. Hey! I recognize that stone heart! Great layout :)

  5. Congrats on the pub! Love the layout!

  6. It's wonderful. I especially love the hand-writing along the edge and the mix of items. You always do a wonderful job.

    yapping cat


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