Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, April 22

Sneak Peak...

Coming to stores near you! I actually have two articles in this issue of Sew Somerset! Thanks Amanda!

It's school vacation week and we've been busy busy busy. We had three beautiful but not really relaxing days in Acadia National Park over the weekend and today spent time at my boys elementary school for an Earth Day clean up - then we went to see Earth at the movies. (the cinamatography was beautiful but the reality of life as an animal made me sad, it wasn't gory at all just living as an animal can be harsh at times.) Tomorrow it's off to the running store to get the clan fitted for running sneakers as Cross Country starts on Monday. Friday through Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous so I'm thinking it'll be time to get my raised beds off the ground...he he I mean started!

I'll share some Acadia pictures just as soon as I get a minute to edit them!


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