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Thursday, April 23

Acadia National Park

We had beautiful weather for our weekend at Acadia National Park up near Ellsworth. The hotel we stayed at, the Bar Harbor Grand Hotel was lovely and very comfortable - though the continental breakfast wasn't that great. All the other things about our weekend made up for the crummy breakfast.

One of the many highlights of the weekend was seeing my boy thoroughly enjoy himself at a fancy schmancy restaurant. We didn't know any better and walked in wearing denim and sneakers - but should really have dressed up a bit to fit in with the decor of the place. That didn't damper our meal though, and we left very happy, and full! We saw Thunder Hole, though it was pretty quiet, went to Sand Beach looking for sea glass but didn't find any. We also went to a couple other beaches where we found lots of great treasures. One of them being my dear friend Hannah! I couldn't believe it, we were headed to Bass Harbor Head Light and saw a very familiar car. I looked at the license plate and realized that it was my friend and her family searching for treasures from the sea just like we were.

We drove up to Cadillac Mountain, though driving up wasn't half as hard as driving back down. Geez, I white knuckled it most of way back down. On the drive home on Monday we stopped at the Big Chicken Barn Antiques. It was huge, and filled with lots of cool stuff. We only looked at things on the first floor because we needed to get back on the road! I can see a trip to Acadia with the whole family this fall some time!

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  1. ooooh! You make me miss Acadia. We used to go there almost every weekend for hiking. I've hike all of the trails and carriage roads in the park (as well as repeat trips hiking in the dark)! My little dog has also! Glad you met up with Hannah. How awesome was that?!?!?! What a great vacation for Ian. You are such a good mom!

  2. Looks like a slice of heaven on earth. Take me.....please. I need clean, fresh air!!!!

  3. Gorgeous pics! LOVE Acadia. Have only been once, but quite smitten with it. Thunder Hole was closed that day, but we did the drive up and down and sat on the cliffs. Ate some chowder at a wonderful restaurant in Bar Harbor. It was wonderful! Glad you had a good time! and thanks for reminding me of mine!



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