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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, April 17

Field Trip...

Yesterday my friend Loretta and I went on a field trip to Rockland, about an hour or a little bit more up the coast. The weather was perfect for rock and sea glass hounding, checking out lighthouses and a picnic on a deck on a lovely island near Rockland. We left as soon as the boy had gotten on the bus and got home about 8:30 ish. It was certainly a long day, but we really enjoyed everything that the day blessed us with. In the evening we met several of Loretta's friends at a restaurant in Rockland called Rustica. It was lovely, and so was the Italian wine I had. I think it was I can't remember.

What a great sign post.....lobster buoys on Lobster Lane.....

This is Loretta looking for cool rocks to bring home. We had a lot of fun searching for rocks on this little beach at Owl's Head Lighthouse. The rocks had been sitting in the sun all morning/afternoon so they were warm on our bottoms, so the cool breeze didn't feel so cool.

I made stacks of flat rocks seeing how many I could stack before they fell over. I could do that all day long! The stacks of rocks are called Inukshuks the description I found on them is this: Ancient symbols of Inuit culture traditionally used as landmarks and navigation aids, these stone statues represent a human form with outstretched arms and serves as a well-known symbol of northern hospitality and friendship. I think mine stray a bit from the traditional form, but it's still calming and fun to stack and stack and stack!
Owl's Head Light.
A scene from Rackliff Island where we found lots of sea glass.

A cemetary that we visited that had lots of cools head stones, and the bare trees framed the paths beautifully!

A remnant from last fall....
Another lighthouse, can't remember what it was called, but we found a ton of cool, round flat stones here!

A lovely heart shaped rock....It's going to look great in my garden!

Lobster boats in Port Clyde.
It was a lovely day - can't wait until the next one! Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend...i'll be back on Tuesday!


  1. OH... man... I so need to get there!!! What fun!
    I am LOVING your photo of your stacked rocks so much! Very cool!

  2. gorgeous pics cat. looks like a great day!


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