Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, April 26

Back to school....tomorrow!!

School vacation is over and it's back to the same old grind tomorrow, yahoo! We had a pretty busy week, Thursday somehow I managed to get my husband to the mall - not quite sure how it happened - and we decided on a sectional that we want. Now I STILL need to get rid of our humungous entertainment center and we're good to go!! Friday my boy and I went to the local garden center and to Lowe's checking out plants, tools and dreaming of this summer and working in our garden. (We'll see how much much he really wants to help out when it's time to weed!!) Saturday i spent in the yard while my boys went to North Conway to pick up a canoe and spend the rest of the day fishing. I didn't get as much done as I had planned because I spend a couple of visiting with my friend Loretta, but that's ok because it was a nice relaxing chat. We also dug up some raspberry bushes that she was giving away and gave them to me. Her husband is in the process of building stairs down to the river and a float - so we enjoyed the cool breeze on the steps thinking that it will be a great respit on hot, sultry days this summer! Today was spent building the skeleton of my raised beds, planting those raspberry bushes and having Sunday dinner with my parents. Overall, I think it was a great vacation!
My boy at the ice cream shop in Bar Harbor. It was great ice cream!
His picture of me taking a picture.
Cute kid being silly!
When we first pulled into Bar Harbor we went down to the harbor and sat in the car eating a picnic that we brought. We had intended on stopping somewhere to eat at a rest stop but never did. So this was the next best thing. After sitting for a few minutes this scanvenger climbed up on my car looking for a snack. Even tooting my horn didn't scare him away. I'm glad he didn't poop on it!
That's all for today....hope you had beeautiful weather where you are this weekend and enjoyed every last minute of it like we did! Right now I'm waiting for the Tudors to come on so I can turn the computer off and stare at that. Hopefully I won't fall asleep on the couch like I did last night! Thanks for visiting and Ta Ta For Now!


  1. New furniture is so fun! We are so excited for gardening too now it just needs to stop raining so we can plant our garden! My grandparents had rasberry bushes, yum!

  2. What a nice boy you have helping you out in the garden! Congrats on the new furniture. How exciting!...Christine


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