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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, April 5

crummy weather...just perfect for an indoor workshop!

The weather on Friday and Saturday was really quite crummy around here. Rain, overcast and very foggy. We also got a lot of rain - and some of the rivers in the area are bursting through their banks. I'm hoping the rain expected at the beginning of the week doesn't mix with an astronomical high tide - because that's usually when we get water in our crawl space.

Saturday my friend Hannah and I took a workshop with Susan Carlson. She lives in our neck of the woods and I've always loved her artsy - no piecing required - quilts. I took one of her workshops in 2000 - but it was the fish one. You can see the product of that class in my book Sewing on Paper, I even mentioned how she inspired me in it.

Here's a picture of me holding up my little butterfly that I made. It was so much fun, very relaxing to just sit and cut little pieces of fabric and glue them to another piece of fabric in the shape of a butterfly. The workshop was all day, from 9 to 4 but we didn't leave until 5. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I think I said that already. I'm pretty sure that Hannah had a great time too.

She really didn't want her picture taken, but I convinced her that, unlike me she was having a great hair day and should really smile for the shot.....I secretly think she was smiling behind the plate that was covered with glue, but she'll never tell!!

Well, that's all for now. I've got to roast some baby potatoes for dinner......till next time! - Thanks for visiting- and hope you had a great weekend!


  1. gorgeous, Catherine! I love the butterfly. I've been into fabric lately & worked on a quilt Friday & Sat. Can't wait to see your work in person

  2. Very nifty!

    We had a couple of crummy days (just like your photo) but today it was warm and sunny. Maybe it will work its way to you tomorrow.

  3. beautiful butterfly! hoping your tomorrow is filled with sunshine...ciao!

  4. Beautiful!!!

    I had some fun too Saturday doing a fabric page (+ a few other elements) and it's official 3 sewing faries told me I needed to have my sewing machine adjusted!
    Have a fabulous week, here the waether is the same.... here's spring?

  5. Nice work! Looks like you had tons of fun! Can't wait to see it in person! Touching makes the difference! :) Stay dry out there!

  6. What fun! Holy Moly girl.. your hair has really grown.. super cute!


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