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Wednesday, April 15

The river was RAGING!

With the snow melting and all the rain we had last week the river was really high - and I was worried about our basement and my river down the road. Thankfully the rain stopped, the sun came out and we didn't have any flooding...but the snow is still melting and spring isn't over yet! These pictures show the river in town, the big brick building is where the Farmer's Market, Jai yoga, the flea market and the Frontier Cafe is.

It was raging!! that's all for now....till next time! DON'T forget, today is TAX day!


  1. wow- this looks pretty dangerous! Hope you had a nice Easterweekend. Big hugs

  2. You are a lucky girl...I get very nervous when our rivers look like that. Stay safe and dry. It could be a long Spring!

  3. wow!! the river is really moving. great photos... glad that you have some sunshine and that the rain has subsided for now... happy spring!!!

  4. Talk about "one stop shopping"!!! You've got it covered! I also love Cabot antiques in Ft. Andros. Pricey, but I can usually find something I can't live without! Great photos!

  5. eeekkk... for some reason I always find raging water like that so scary. that is some major water sister!!!


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