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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, September 4

A fortune on an ATC!!

I love making ATC's....I camp out in the living room in front of the tube with my Creative Box and start cutting and pasting...and before the evening is out I've got a nice pile of them made. I made these the other night, and just found the time this morning to get them stitched up. I've been needing to get them done for some friends - and feeling guiltier and guiltier because they gave me the ones they made and I hadn't gotten mine now a BREATH of relief - 'cause they are done! The ones with the little blue houses are for my friend Kelley and Karen. The one in the center is for me...I just love the way these came out! The blue heart was made by Kelley, I just love that stamp, and the light spot on the right side is silvery...THANKS Kelley!
The house one was made by Karen. OMG, look at all the detail on this. She hand cut each and every ivy leaf and attached it. Even the roof is cut individually and glued on. AWESOME attention to detail Karen, THANKS!
The next two ATC's were made by me to send to a couple of good friends that always send me stuff. You know who you are :-)
This last little gem is up for grabs...anyone wanna trade? I'll send her anywhere you are!
Have a great day everyone! I've got some work to get on!
UPDATE: looks like I'll be trading with Stephanie from On the Funny Side of Life!! Can't wait Stephanie! :-)


  1. love your ATC's Catherine! Willing to trade as well!
    I have a few, but after seying yours I going to do some other ones to add to my collection! 2 questions:
    1. Where did you get the little "chiness" sayings? (they look like fortune cookies memos)
    2. And those butterflys die cuts are amazing also! Again is it from wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, digital image??? Please let me know if you can! Thanks St├ęphanie

  2. oh my these are breathtaking!!! I love all the detail to these! I love atc's too because they are just fun little works of art to make. We need to do an ATC swap next :)

  3. I got back from Canada last night.. and finally getting a chance to get over here and see what's been going on . These are totally cool! Each so detailed and unique!

  4. oh.. ps.. planning to find a box and get your basket sent this week!

  5. ohh my i love her.. i would love to swap if you like.. pick meeee pick meeee
    a drooling ladybug
    lynn lol

  6. Oh My! I haven't checked mail for a few days, and what a surprise! I can't wait to see the ATC in real life :) I have another ATC for you and will bring it to our lss for you! Thanks so much for the ATC and for showing my (your) little ATC house :)

  7. I have posted the ATC I made for you, I hope you like it! Will be sendding it during my luch brake!

    Take care until then!

  8. I love the saying on the atc. we need to remind ourselves of that often. I would love to trade with you! ciao! btw just found you through donna...


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