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Monday, July 28

We outsmarted the thunderstorm!

We had a decent weather day yesterday - and I was thankful for that! It was a success in that we all (three of us) sold things, but we ALL wanted to have sold more. The biggest hit were the jars and bags of sea glass that I put together - after all it was the Harspwell Festival - and it was overlooking the ocean....Hannah had a lot of people interested in her Summer Art Camp for girls, and the local Art store wants me to bring my book and collaged cards I think it was a success! Malia had her really pretty graphic images that I think she's going to start an Etsy shop with. Her images (behind my collaged postcards in the bottom photograph) are all made by making a potatoe print!! Brilliant!

Later in the day (getting close to packing up time) the sky started getting dark - we made a group decision not to pack up until we saw the first rain drop - but changed our minds when we saw the first flash of lightning! We all got our things packed up and in our cars before the rain started to fall - it was a good thing! It was nice to hang out and relax with my friends - even Big Valentine came down and bought me some lunch and went fishing for a little bit! I would say overall it was a GREAT day!


  1. I wish I could have been there. Sending you hugs!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you had such a successful day! Good for you!

  3. Glad you had a good Day,so glad I could not make it ,in a nice way lol!! think I would have bought the lot!!! ROFL!!

  4. What a fun art show! Looks like you had a ton of goodies there! That art glass sounds so neat!

  5. Such beautiful stuff!
    You are so very creative --

  6. What a nice display...wish I could have stopped by...

  7. OMGOSH!!! I love this pics of your booth!! HOW fun!!


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