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Tuesday, July 15

Lemon Tart...

Lemon Tart..., originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon.

We had a family get together over the weekend and we had family from VT and my Uncle from the Kennebunk area was a great day. I made this yummy Lemon Tart. I love this! The recipe comes from the Martha Stewart cookbook, the everyday one. Page 583..or 582... something like that. I really don't need to look at the recipe any more as I've made it so many times! It looks pretty here, but better than that - it tasted GREAT!

Here are a few other pictures from the day...and did I mention we had lobster?? I didn't eat much, just the tail on one...but I must admit it tasted pretty DANG good. I don't know how many lobsters my Dad got but it seemed like he was cooking them forever!

We also celebrated my niece's 9th birthday...and my Big Valentine wasn't celebrate his 43rd birthday...but we won't let him forget that he's the oldest around here!! he he.

In crafty news I made this little card to include with my submission for Sew Somerset. I collect them. I recently made a little mini-album using them...I'll share that soon. I hope!!


  1. DELISHHHHH- oh yummie!!! I have to visit yoiu!!!

    Love that card!

  2. Ok.. I'm sitting here eating left over spagitti..and I have to see this???? I would have to make that tart when your here..but I can tellyou right now, you wont find berries that pump and scrupcious looking here. Not even close. grrr..
    Lobster either! grrrr

    but that card is SO cool!


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