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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, July 12


Taking a break to check my mail and a few other things...we've got company in town and it's ben a busy evening. Wanted to quickly share this AC Moore ad with you, my little V is in this advertisement for EK Success products. He's the one under "activities". I need to get to a local AC Moore and pick one of these bad boys up for his memorabelia box...and maybe to scrap too.... :-)
In other news, I did not make the Scrapbook Nook team. But they did choose a bunch of really talented ladies out of the 25 that were finalists. I am not sure how many they chose, didn't bother to count, but it looked like there were 10. Bummer. Good Luck to those that were chosen, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Nighty night everyone!


  1. How fun about your V in the Add!

    You will make an fantastique place soon!!! I know it- everyone can be happy to have you on board...

  2. wooohooo!!! Congratz on the AC Moore feature, that is so cool.
    But bummer on the Nook DT - it is their loss hun, your work is amazing and I just know there is something much more exciting waiting for you!

  3. How COOL is that! Tell V he looks totally handsome!
    Dito what Nat and Kimmy said.. on the DT thing. You'll probably be to busy putting together another jawdropping book for that anyway.

  4. I gave you a weblog award. Come and claim it when you have a moment!

  5. Hi Catherine!! Hope you're enjoying your summer.

    I'll be in NY state on the weekend and hitting an AC Moore so hopefully they'll have this ad up!! That's wonderful that you have another "star" in the house!!

    Sorry about the Scrapbook Nook -- tehy'll miss you...I'm sure those chosen were good too but I was hoping you'd be chosen.


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