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Tuesday, May 20

My Dad is a GEM!!

Last Fall I asked my Dad to make me bookshelf like the Ikea Expedit style...only longer to fit the long wall in my studio. We had cut down a billion trees on our land when we were building our house and had the wood turned into lumber so it was a matter of choosing the wood, coming up with a design and getting it done.

To be honest, my Dad has had this finished for a while. Sitting in his shop waiting for me to paint it. I was dreading the job for sure, but finally got it finished on Sunday and moved that baby in.

Between Sunday and yesterday I got it filled up with all my goodies...I've been buying storage boxes, bins and what not for weeks now in anticipation of getting this thing done...and now - I present to you - my new Storage UNIT. THANKS DAD, you're the best!


  1. What an awesome job your Dad did! I love it and I am jealous...

  2. Lucky lucky you!!! What a wonderful area to keep all your creative bits and bobs organized. I need something like this so badly. You are so fortunate that your Dad could do this for you!!

  3. this is beautiful, and what an added bonus~a gift from your dad. how wonderful. i guess you know that he is going to have to sell these!!

    lucky you!!

  4. woooowwww- this is sooo amazing!!! Your Dad rocks- this is beautiful!

  5. You're a lucky girl! May it always stay this tidy!

  6. wow wow wow that is wonderful!! What a great Dad you have and I LOVE that you reused the wood you cut down. Wonderful for the environment and your scrap room :)

  7. that is a wall of beauty! lucky you for a dad like that! :) I tagged you Cat! 7 random things about yourself! Let's have 'em :)

  8. oh what a fab unit,does your dad wanna come over and do me one
    Bet you fill it no trouble!

  9. WOW!!!!!!! Now that is COOL! Can you have your Dad whip one up for me and can just bring it with you when you come? lol
    That is impressive!

  10. How lucky you are. Wish I had a Dad like him.
    It looks fabulous and fits so many supplies

  11. Oh my -- this is lovely Catherine!! Quite the project but it looks wonderful with all your things in their new "homes".

  12. Your Dad does great work! Is the shelf recessed? It looks like it is built into the wall from the left side angle. Very handy, and I am in line to buy one, too!

  13. Wow, that is beautiful! What a sweet dad you've got!!

  14. I am sooooo jealous!!! What a terrific Dad and storage unit! That man is a treasure!
    LOVE IT!
    Linda Cain


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