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Wednesday, May 14

4 Page Spread....

Having a great day today, GREAT. Beautiful weather, people are beating down my door :-) and I got my preview copy of Sew Somerset. I have a 4 page spread in it, and yahoo that makes me so happy. I am also happy because when I look at these pictures it shows that I have lost 20 pounds!! I'm going to get into the studio tomorrow and make something, I 'm feeling inspired right now. Hopefully I'll have something to share with you!! TTFN everyone. And, I'm still waiting to hear from the winners of the drawing!!


  1. Well unfortunately for me I am not one of the winners. But I wanted to say "Way to go! I'll be looking for the issue to hit the stands!" Love your work - you so inspire me.

  2. wow congrats cat!!! I can't wait to get a copy of that! when does it hit the newsstands?

  3. Congratulations! And, wow...20 pounds. You're having a terrific day!

  4. wooow- awesome- congratulations!!!!! Somerset sew- your rock!

    And you look soooo awesome - 20 pounds- wowsers- you are going to vanish!

  5. congratulations catherine!
    i will have to make a beeline to b&n to get my own copy. i will proudly display it next to my atc from you!! :)

    congratulations also on your loss of 20##!! way to go!

    if v. had drawn my name for your latest book, i would have already contacted you... ;)

  6. That is awesome, Catherine!! I can't wait to see it up close!

  7. looks great! well done!!

  8. Oh, you go girl! Look at you! You go on the 4 page spread and the 20 lbs. The mag pages look awesome...when is it hitting hte stands! Congrats. Congrats! Can't wait to see.


  9. What a treat -- not just losing 20 pounds (fabulous -- way to go!! I want some of your will power please!!!), but a 4 page spread in Somerset!!! I don't think I've seen the "SEW Somerset" here but I'll be looking for it!

  10. TErrific new! Congrats on the spread, looks yummy! And here's to your health...I have IBS and hear ya. Never know what the day holds, but looks like you've got it under control.
    Be Well,
    Linda Cain

  11. P.S. Should have taken typing in school like my counselor said!


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