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Sunday, May 25

Field Trip, Ear Ache, WebCam and Gardening

I'm such a bad blogger lately, I don't even have an excuse for why, just that I haven't felt much like blogging. Between having a super ear ache for the last few days, going on a field trip to the Scarborough Marsh with my Little Valentine's 3rd grade class, planting a garden and just LIVING I haven't had a chance to stay up to date. The picture above is of the saltwater marsh as the tide was coming in. The picture just below is the Little V himself enjoying a candy bar on the beach at Old Orchard. It was a nice day, but the bus was pretty dang loud and LONG!

I'm sorry a thousand sorries for not posting much, I'll try to post more ...:-) In other news, I'm happy to report that I booked my flight to Nebraska to visit my lovely friend Vic in August. I am pretty excited about that as I haven't taken a vacation just for myself in years, I mean YEARS!! It's gong to be a great time - I just know that we're both going to get Laryngitis from non-stop talking...I've got another trip scheduled for this summer to, but I'll talk about that at another time!

Wanted to share some art, made the above page for my local scrapbook store Scrapbooks & Beyond. Kelley has the nicest little store down town, and I drop by every time I go to town...Hi Kelley

If anyone has any advice to give on video chatting I'd appreciate it. Nat and I are getting our webcams installed so we can talk but I have no clue what site works best for it. I picked up a cute little Creative WebCam yesterday and am in the process of finding time to get it installed. Do you recommend Live Messenger or Skype?? Nat, have you figured out which one is best?

Well, ttfn. I'll try and take some pictures of my gardening attemps tomorrow to share with you. So far I've got cilantro, arugula, basil, curled parsley and green onions planted. Tomorrow I've got some tomato and cucumber plants to get in the ground, and some purple beans, radishes, carrots, and a couple of other things which escape me to put in the ground. :-) My first vegetable garden!


  1. Oh oh oh... I'm trying to get Skype lined up for me... I WANNA TALK TOO! lol Wes has his all set up and says it's FANTASTIC!
    talkity talk talk talk!!! yay!

  2. YEAHH - Skype is awesome. And if Vicki does it too we can even talk all three. I will try to figure it out the next days...LOL. But you can all download Skype already it is for free!

    I need to receive my password back- LOL. It has been a while I did it.

    Yeah - can't wait.

  3. Hi Catherine,

    you are to nice :-) I love having you come visit too! I have to say that the page you posted is probably 1 of my all time favorites of yours. Have fun in the garden...I'm doing the same today

  4. First....congrats on the weight loss! I know how hard that really is:D Also, lovin the cabinet your dad made! Wow...what we couldn't do with that around here....LOL. Congrats on your article. Wish you had posted more pics though:(

  5. Little V is so cute!!! Your garden sounds so yummy! We planted a bunch of herbs, tomatoes and peppers too, now to just keep the bunnies away! I'm hoping to meet up with you and Vic when you are in town maybe we can do lunch or something!


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