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Tuesday, January 9

We have a DATE everyone!

A date for our house to be delivered that is!! January 25th at 11am is the day. I'll be sharing pictures of the 4 pieces as they go down the road and are loaded onto our amazes me how they can build a 26 x 36 home in a factory, drive it from NH to Maine and then put it together and it looks like a house that was built on site! Woohoo. I am happy - but I wish it would wait until I get back from CHA where I will be demonstrating (making cool stuff) for EK Success! Anywho, just wanted to share one of my favorite appliances we will have in our house!! I have always wanted one, and thankfully Joe was in agreement. Phew, I get to cook like a professional now! Can someone come teach me a thing or two?? And, in case you were looking for a fun project from me, check this out. I made it with a wooden block my dad cut for me. I made it for a call for BH & G, but I guess it wasn't what they were looking for. AND, speaking of fun projects, I have a ton of assignments - for EK and Nat at Creative TECHniques I need to get done before I leave for CHA, so I'm off and running and not procrastinating! TTYL everyone. Also, incase you read this, Donna - thanks for the email this morning, it totally made my day!!


  1. Hey - that is really soon!!!! How cool - and can I say I LOOOOOOVE this stove Catster - that is so awesome!

  2. Vic - you can comment now...?? Maybe???

  3. Ok ,I'm trying it! I LOVE that stove and WANT one!!! I bet you cant wait for you house to get there can you? It would be so funt to see your house coming down the road, right too you!
    I love your block...that little frog is darling! I made some smaller baby ones, but nothing as cute as that! WAY cute! You are So stinking creative!!!

  4. Cat I am drooling over your VIKING!! Can I come cook with you??? It is my dream come true! LOL!!!


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