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Thursday, January 4

Sneaky Peaky!

Some of you know I am working on another big project - with 25 projects due to go out via UPS this afternoon.....and what I am I doing here I ask myself.....since I can't share much with you I thought I would give you this little snippet of one of the projects before UPS comes and picks it up and takes it to Utah ..... it's a little reminder to myself not to be such a worry will all work out in the end....just keep on working - but to not work to hard. Life isn't all work - it's gotta be fun! As my lovely friend Vic says, this art makes me happy! Anyhoo, gotta go have some more fun...later taters.


  1. Ohhhmy - this looks so freakin' cool!!!!

    Oh year enjoy this art - Love you Sweetie!

  2. Catherine, this is beautiful! is the rest of your blog (is this the first time I've seen your blog? i can't remember). Hoping you are having a spectacular and very creative new year! probably won't be at CHA--at least not with ek. Hugs to you!

  3. Oh Cat... we think tooo much alike sometimes. As I was reading your blog, It was hitting such a cord with me. It's just how I'm feeling about things right now. I'm thinking , I'm SO linking to Cat's blog today when I blog, and then I read down farther, to see you linked to mine too! LOL FUNNY!
    I can not wait to see your new projects... beause I'll have my "Sewing on Paper" worn out soon!


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