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Tuesday, January 2

Wow, 2 times in 2 days....

The top image is the left side the the bottom image is the right side. I so love this layout - the way the pictures look, the papers, the spray paint.....every single thing about it - but mostly the story. I went to a psychic and she told me about my life....and it's all come true so far. She also told me I would live to be a very old woman!! Let's just hope the menopause thing comes and goes fast 'cause she didn't talk about that, ha!
Keeping the spirit of these papers alive in my head - do they look familiar! I made this last year for the CK contest at the KISS event in Manchester, NH. Didn't get any notice - but I love how it came out....but those HS iron on's were a pain!
And this one is for you NAT, becuase I'm a tease and you haven't gotten Sewing on Paper yet.....LOL. I hope it comes tomorrow - or would that be today for you now?


  1. LOL- you are such a teaser!
    Wow - this looks all super duper yummie! BTW - I was soooo annoyed with the HS Iron Ons that I cursed them and threw them away - I guess it is really hard to get the thrill out of them - LOL!

  2. Oh Cat .. I love every single one of these! I have a can of sraypaint sitting here on my dest that I had jarad pick up for my yesterday... with a little project or two in mind. Wish you could come over and PLAY!!!!!


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