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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, January 23

All Time Favorite Picture!

I am a slacker....sorry to the few that actually read what I have to say....Between getting bogged down with a color assignment for EK Success and cutting circles like crazy - projects for Natalie at Creative TECHniques Magazine - and the house coming on Thursday, oh and did I mention leaving for CHA on Saturday - I've been a little over whelmed. I have made 7 pages for Danielle and Shane at EK the last couple of days - and unfortunetly I can't share a one.....but I can share my all time favorite picture of Ian and I.

We were sitting in the backseat of my old White Altima - driving from McCall, Idaho to Silverdale, Washington - right after we had picked up Emma (she was on my other side). Ian was bored and tired of being in the car. So we started horsing around with the camera. My hair was wicked short - and it looked cute there - and I was so very happy - and Ian was so very happy too. Instead of 3 and a dog we were then 4 and a dog....but now we are three again....and still have the dog too. I guess the dog has moved up in status 'cause now she's my baby girl.

I don't know how Emma is, but I think of her a lot. I'd like to hold her tight some day and tell her what she brought to us. Maybe. Just maybe.

Wow this post went down in the dumps quickly! Sorry for the downer. Hold your babies tight tonight! xox.


  1. This is a beautiful photo!!! Huge Hugs Cat!!!!!

  2. hugs! abd what a wonderful picture this is!Have fun at CHA!



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