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Wednesday, January 10

Can't HELP myself!

Ok, my brain works in mysterious ways, but it's funky and I like it that way! For one thing, I just can't stand to throw somethings away - especially if it has any potential to be made into anything.....for another thing - I have tons of stuff hanging around that most people would throw away. Boxes full of boxes. Boxes full of tags, scraps of paper, fabric and what have you. Jars full of rusted crap, rocks {I am a rock hound}, buttons. Snippets of just about everything and anything. And then, a lightbulb will go off inside my head about how to make something from this piece of garbage that the normal person would already have thrown away {no, i don't consider myself normal :-) } and, well - VOILA something pretty and fun is made from garbage..... can you tell me where you think this was scavanged from?? and what you think it is?? The first person to correctly identify what it WAS gets one. Have a great day everyone!


  1. WHA!?!?! What are all these GORGEOUS creations doing hiding here?!?! I can't believe you haven't shared these in the gallery you hoarder! :) :) LOL

  2. Catster it looks awesome- but what was it originally. MmMHH - Arm wrist sweat thingi - no? You couldn't throw away the whole sweater and cut a piece from the arms. i have no clue - LOL!

  3. Let me be the first to guess-- one of those things that comes around your starbucks coffee cup?? or an old sweat/wrist band?? Miss ya sistah! and i am working on a blog, let me know what ya think but i am still working on it.

  4. I too , wonder about how your brain works!!! LOL But in a good way! I LOVE the use of "random stuff"! I think its proof of a truly creative person, if you find ART in ANYTHING!! And YOU DO!


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