Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, January 16

January ScrapMuse DT Layout

OK, so officially I am a slug, but Amanda and the team love me anyway! Here is my project from the January Kit, it's not a layout but a window....I am going to hang it by the ribbons that hold a dowel (that you can't see) in my new house. Which, is coming soon. so very soon. This window just reinforces the fact that I can't throw anything away. Three pieces of trash adorn this - one from Ian's new Levi's I picked up at Target - that's the distressed one, one from 7Gypsies - that the small circle punch and the last from the package of buttons I got with my kit...that's the one that the H is sitting on.
Get this, I throw my scraps away - but I save trash....hmmmm. Interesting. Anyway, you can sign up to get an announcement for the ScrapMuse Newsletter by going here. We'll be sending out a new one REAAAAAAAL soon.


  1. I so love this Cat...if you ever thing that it doesn't fit the new house, just send it my way- LOL!!!

  2. I LOVE THAT THING TOO! and do I get me one of those SM news letters?... I've heard they are fantastic!!! LOL


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