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Wednesday, August 15

The Whatevers #3 or August at the Beach

It's that time of the month again -- time to find out what Winnie, Newt and Mother Whatever are up to this month. In case you need a reminder, in July Mother decided to take her little family to the beach to spend the month with her Sister. You can read about it here, on this post.
Now that August is here -- let's see what kind of trouble Newton Whatever is getting in to!

Whatevers August at the Beach from Catherine Scanlon on Vimeo.

Watch out Boots!” Newt shouted as quietly as he could. He didn’t want to to be the one that got blamed for the beach ball hitting her squarely in the head, but he also wanted to see Winnie laugh as the ball – almost in slow motion – smacked his much older cousin Boots with a loud schwack. Winnie seemed so sad since they arrived at the beach that he would do anything just to see her smile. 
Boots and her sisters Forget-Me-Not and Hermione tortured Winnie every moment of the day so it only seemed fitting to see karma hit one of them squarely in the face. He was going to deny kicking the ball, after all he was only 5 and three quarters so who would blame him. When no one was looking he gave his big sister the thumbs up. Unbeknownst to him, Aunt Elldridge caught the whole thing out of the corner of her beady little eye. She vowed there would be hell to pay for that boy Newton, even if he was the youngest son of her only sister Cordelia.
Elldridge was not happy for many reasons. She was the most upset about her sweet and beautiful Forget-Me-Not. Only 17 and already head over heels in love with a man 10 years her senior – and to top it off that Castell man touted himself to be a Count in Germany.  Count Alexander Castell, “my heavens people will tell you anything and think you dumb enough to believe it”, she thought.
If this Alexander really was a Count, Ellie knew this meant her beautiful daughter would marry and move away to some castle far, far away and she might never see her favorite daughter again.


Here's the image for August, in case you want to play along with our fun Creative Storytelling Project, the Whatevers.
 We'd love it if you play, here's how it works!

Here is how it works
  • Vicki, Nat and I have made a one-year commitment to each other and picked twelve photos with Whatevers whom we will give a story.
  • Every month – if possible always on the 15th –  each of us will do a post with an individual story that goes along for us with the same photo.
  • If you want you can play along and we will have the photo for you todownload and show us your version of The Whatevers.
  • There are no rules to the story itself- it can be funny, sad, uplifting, breathtaking- WHATEVER
  • There are no rules on the length or the form of the story- it can be a short sentence, an essay, a poem or a soap opera – WHATEVER
  • There are no rules on the artform you choose – it can be a scrapbook layout, an altered art project, an artjournal page – WHATEVER
  • Here is a rule though: if you take the photo you have to link back to us andshow us your story.
  • These pictures are from our personal stash and are for personal use for you only! If you want to use them for a publication whether a book or magazine in print or digital form please ask for permission!
  • If you want to participate we’ll have a linky list for each Whatever Post.
  • You can also join our The Whatevers -Facebook Page  and share your Whatevers Journey with us!
Can't wait to see what your Whatevers are doing this month, thanks for playing along! Have a wonderful day! 


  1. This is such a creative and funny page. I love it!

  2. Brilliant!! I just love the way you've used the individual faces and their swimming caps! I can't wait to have another go this month. I'll try and catch up with last month's picture at some point. x

  3. Catherine I so love the little story listening to story makes me feel like I am right there at the beach with them....I need to get busy, I haven't done July's so off to create..thanks

  4. Oh... come tell me stories every day will you??? You have such a knack for writing Cat! And your artwork... as always DIVINE!

  5. LOL- Count Alexander Castell - I am so cracking up. Love love love this HOn!!!!! Aweosme page and I love the way you are reading the stories!!!!

  6. You, my friend, are much talent! SUPER!!!

  7. Es tan divertida , me ha encantado todo el trabajo que has realizado.

  8. You have so much fun with your stories Catherine! I love what you've created this month :-)


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