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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, August 17

Our Greatness….

I don't know about other left-handed people -- but I struggle sometimes doing things the way we are supposed to. Most people hold their paper vertical and write -- me I hold my paper so it is horizontal to my body. Shooting videos and painting -- means holding the paper vertically -- which does not come naturally to me.
But I think it would be hard to watch a movie with your head cocked off to the side to get a clear view of what I'm doing. 
So my art journal pages are a little  bit messy -- at least the ones I'm filming. It probably only something that I would notice. But, I think with practice practice and more practice -- with my paper placed vertically in front of me -- I can work through the messiness and retrain my hand to paint that way. 
Which brings me to my quote today. Everyday -- every year -- all the time we have opportunities to re-make ourselves. Whether it is as a wife, friend, mother, artist, teacher, smoker, eater, beater, President, principal -- every one has the opportunity to shed the way they were for the way they want to be. 

It takes courage. 
It takes hard-work.
And persistence. and a whole lot of strength. But you can do it.

Everyone has it within themselves to be great -- at whatever it is they want to do. Start today. I am.
What do you want to be great at?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I so know what you mean about the left handed-ness as I am a leftie, too. But when I write I tilt my paper only a little toward the right, not totally horizontal. (I've seen you in your videos with the paper horizontal and I wondered if that was the way you write all the time);-)

    I'm all about making myself into something new and better..challenging myself to stretch and grow. If you're not growing you're dying.... There's no reason for mediocrity. But then again, I am quite hard on myself, but I guess in a good way.

    Love you!!!!


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