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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, January 18

Last of 2011: Year in Review

One of the things about Art Journaling that I love so much is that you can do as much or as little as you have time for every time you get down to work. In Julie's workshop she does maybe 10 or so minutes a day -- and that's a really great practice to get into. Me, I like to start and finish a page in one day -- which is why I don't journal as much as I want. 

I love how the beginning of this page turned out -- I was doing my best to do a little bit every day but I would start my pages and then get so involved in the creation that I couldn't leave it. I had to try and finish -- or would would spend 5 minutes here and there throughout the day until it was finished....or I would stay up WAY LATE into the night to get it done. ha ha. 

I ended up having to finish this page that day because it wouldn't stop calling me. 
and started on the next page as well. The red on the background turned out so delicious! 

I love using images from old magazines in my journals -- these are from some craft magazines from the 50's. 

The two pages together -- while they are from different "days" I tried to make them work together.

The white journaling is very striking on the black background. I love journaling with a calligraphy (dip pen) and white ink, this is from Daler-Rowney. The inconsistency of the ink and the sound of the tip scratching on the surface of the paper really appeal to me. Plus, this method of journaling has a tendency to be messy -- very fitting for my messy penmanship, lol. 

Well that's it for today -- must get back to the studio and get some work done! Hope you are having a WONDERFUL week, and thanks for taking the time to stop by! 


  1. Im really LOVING & enjoying your work Catherine. Your Art Journaling is absolutely amazing, so beautiful & I adore ALL the pages youve done even the mosaic one is really nice.
    Now, the chicken,lmao, he is mighty fine isnt he,lol, & he looks really cool. please dont think that i dont read your blog its just i get lazy with comments when im in pain & hate it taking so long but I never knew & I like the way this comment box pops up like this, although yes writing the msg for a 1 finger poker still takes ages.Love your I pad bag-Now that IS AWESOME, YOU ROCK. LOVING ALL YOUR WORK & ITS SO VERY INSPIRING TO ME.
    Many Thanks

  2. Just catching up with all your art journalling. I really love it - such a unique style, but so different from day to day. The bag is just amazing and thanks for the step by step pictures as it is so lovely to see how it all takes shape. I love your advert for the next course and those trees are just stunning against the sky.
    Great inspiration!
    Jennie x


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