Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Saturday, January 7

2011 Year in Review: Chicken

Chicken, yes I am. But I don't want to be, ha ha. Last fall I had a re-run of an Image Transfer Class that I taught -- and one of my students from Australia couldn't find any Martha Stewart magazines to play with, and I had some duplicates that I tore pages out of and sent them to her. I couldn't part with this chicken, REALLY -- it's an awesome Chicken! ha ha. 

I decided since I was trying to break through and not be such a chicken in the art department and want to get myself and my stuff out there more -- that I would use this on my second spread in Julie's class and give myself a pep-talk about being a big chicken. 

I tried to duplicate the wash from the first day, and ended up loving this one more. See, mistakes do happen for a reason.I'm not sure I would have tried to duplicate this technique if my page from the previous day had worked out. 

I worked a little bit each day -- cause I was crunched for time that week. I hate being crunched for time but I do it to myself -- ALL the time. I forgot to take pictures for a few days -- so we'll get right to the end next. oooops. 

While I don't LOVE the way this page turned out, I do love the message and feelings I got out. And I love the chicken. Gotta love him. Oh, and I love cows too. Not real ones; just pictures and paintings of them. 

Really, what do you have to lose anyway? Nothing. What have to you to gain?? EVERYTHING! 

The letter stamps I used are from Inkadinkado -- and the "9" was a chipboard letter that I applied black acrylic paint and stamped it on there. It's fun making do with what you have. 

So, what are you doing today that's artful? Take a moment and make a doodle on a napkin or scrap of paper -- or tear out some pretty pictures from a magazine and make a collage out of them -- anything to feed that creative fire inside you! 

Thanks for stopping by -- and have a WONDERFUL week! 


  1. I loved this page when you posted it...I can't wait until all the CHA projects are complete so I can get back to my art journal! Next year when I'm's on! I can create whenever I feel like, not by a schedule of just a few min. here & there!!!

  2. oooh..I love this...You have me inspired! :0)


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