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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, May 31


I haven't posted - because I haven't had anything to share. Last week was a long, wet and dreary week - and for whatever reason I was busier than I always care to be with little art time. I think the culprit was that Monday was a holiday and that really threw me off. I kept thinking that Tuesday was Monday and so on for the rest of the week. I did manage to get some cards made in the evenings for a BIG project I'm working on with some friends, but that's about it. I'm not to happy with most of ones I managed to make. I think it's beacause I didn't use any vintage materials, sometimes new stuff has a hard time to inspire me.

Last night I dug out some old pictures and paired them with some scraps of this and that and managed to make a new batch of one of a kind ATC's. I am really loving them, and hoping that the inspiration and creativity I'm feeling doesn't go away....

I made all these ATC's for a friend in my art group who is celebrating her birthday today. Though we're celebrating a few days late, it's at her house and she doesn't have any idea. (I'm sure she has an inkling since we've had a little birthday celebration for the last two months - one for Kelley and one for Molly.) I think I'm keeping the FAITH ATC, but all the rest are for her, along with a hand made card which I'll share with you later.
I really LOVE LOVE LOVE how this one came out with the vintage capacitor coming out of their heads. Kinda makes me think of two friends on the same wavelength.....and makes me smile when I see it. I think I'll be making some more like this!
I also love this one. I carefully cut the lady out of "FAITH" so I could keep the background in tact and use it on it's own card. Just as I Am makes me think of a person all filled up with her own thoughts, feelings and memories - and the world has to accept her just as she is.....That one makes me happy to!
I've had these Jenni Bowlin ATC cards forever - and happy that I hadn't used them before now. Now, I really MUST get ready for my group and decide on what I'm going to bring to work on....I'm thinking some ATC's under glass or maybe another bird or two like what I made for Loretta a while ago ! THANKS for visiting and enjoy this glorious day!


  1. Oh digging those ATC's. You always inspire me girl. My 2 faves would be "just as I am" and the one with the 2 girls standing under the sign.

  2. Just adorable! I love those little ATC's as well, and you just dolled em up perfectly.

    yapping cat

  3. Love the colors of your atc's! Fabulous work cat :)


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