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Friday, May 22

Angels and Demons....

Hubs and I went on a date tonight - dinner and a movie - two of our favorite (and well only) date things that we do. Dinner wasn't that great -but the movie was awesome. We went to see Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks. It was awesome, with a few twists and turns - and it really didn't end the way I thought it was going it. I really loved the daVinci Code - the book was written by the same author and Tom Hanks was also the main character in the movie version, and Angels and Demons was certainly a movie that you need to pay attention little blink off for a nap for 2 minutes and you've missed a lot - I am happy to report that that didn't happen to me tonight!

I recently had a little ATC swap with Audrey Hernandez from Small Creations. We both submit to the Somerset magazines and we decided to trade a few ATC's. I showed you the pink ones, here in this post, here are the other two that I sent her.

The Evening Primrose one is a chunky one on a piece of pine that my husband cut for me and the other is a fabric/paper one. My friend Hannah gave me a swatch of the cutest owl fabric that this little art girl comes from, she's just adorable - and so is Hannah! :-) I had lunch with her today.....She also gave me the little tea card that the flower on Evening Primrose was cut from. I was really happy with the way these came out. I'll share the ones that Audrey sent me tomorrow when the light is better for a picture.

It's been a pretty hectic week -and I'm thankful for a few days off with NOTHING scheduled but what we want to do. Monday was cross country practice and Wednesday the boy had another meet. This time it was in a neighboring town - and I was nervous for him because the track seemed longer - and MUCH steeper than he's used to. Actually the one place was a long but steady incline - plus it was a pretty warm day and he has a habit of not hydrating well. We were so proud of him that he did better than last time - andd only a couple of seconds more than his very first meet. He was pretty tired when he was finished! Look how much taller he is than all the other boys in the group running! He's almost a whole head taller than the others his age!
Hope you enjoy your weekend. We're working on projects tomorrow and taking a road trip on Sunday to Mount Washington (I think if the weather holds out for us) and of course the parade on Monday. I'm hoping to get some creative time in amongst all the other to-do's! What are you up to this weekend?


  1. beautiful that owl jenox

  2. Oh my - little V looks like you...and he is growing up fast! Love those atcs the owl is soo cute

  3. Catherine, as always you have inspired me with the elegance of your works! Thanks so much....I needed this!

  4. Awesome ATC's. I read both books and loved them...can't wait to see Angels and Demons! Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the eye candy! ..and BTW ..that little guys of yours is looking more like his momma all the time! Wow

  6. Gorgeous ATC's! And Congrats to little V for doing so well! You are a great mom for being there to cheer him on! Nice photos of the track meet...


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