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Sunday, February 22

Making my case....for sewing!

I've been wanting to make a new batch of ATC's for a couple of weeks now, especially since I want to send some more off. But, between sicknesses and life I haven't had a chance. The other hurdle I've had is I wanted to do something that I hadn't done yet. Something different from my typical vintage lovelies, yet still staying true to my style. As I was sitting in the library (he he he) reading Prevention Magazine...(isn't that where you read all kinds of health books and magazines too? ) I noticed lots of nice looking, small images of women doing interesting things. And a creative idea was born. I brought all the magz out to the living room and ripped the advertisements out that I wanted to use. Since all I could find from 3 magazines was 8 images, that's the number in my series this time.

I did manage to use some vintage book paper (I am in love with book paper, in case you didn't know) and my punchinella....and I totally love the way the came out. BTW, I'm on the hunt for different punchinella shapes, got any? I'd love to trade an ATC or two maybe three for some cool punchinella shapes? Anyone?

Ok, so the title of my post was that I was going to make my case for sewing...sewing on everything so let's get to that.

In the following two pictures you can see the completed ATC's before I added stitching. I like them, but I don't love them. Even the punchinella stencil didn't do it for me.

Series of 8 ATC's before stitching.
Close-up of two cards before stitching.
After I added red stitching. Why red you ask, well to match the fortune's..and because that is what was inthe machine when I sat down at it.
Close Up after Red Stitching.
See what I mean. The stitching totally gives them the little oooomph that they need to make them pop and be totally perfect. Not that my stitching was perfect today, I wasn't one with the machine today and made several mistakes and some crooked stitches. I was worried about my boy every time he coughs and he coughed every 5 minutes! Anyway you get the picture...sewing on paper - you've just got to try it! I'd love to see some of your work too, so please share linkw to where I can see what you are sewing on!

So, I mentioned that I got 192 stamps from Inkadinkado the other day, right? But I didn't get any of the inchie sets....and I've been totally crying and biting at the bit to get some. (boohoo) So I took my JoAnn's coupon and bought the set that this little gem is one. Isn't she adorable? I thought it kinda looks like me when I'm wearing my glasses, and I was inspired by my pal Stephanie. She puts a little tiny picture of herself onthe back of her ATC's and I thought this was kind of a cool thing, thanks Stephanie for the great idea!
Well, that's all for now. More crafti-goodness coming soon!


  1. Those are soooo cool , and you dont have to convince me, i love stitching on paper!!!

    As luck would have it,[a friend gave me some recently] i also have a star and brick pattern in sequin waste. I think thats the same thing as punchinella!?
    Ema me and i will send you some...

    hope your little boys cough is better soon...


  2. wooow- those atcs are so different from your usual style and yet so so so cool - I love them. And I love the stamp!!!

  3. I love those atc's!!! gorgeous! I haven't seen to much of that punch stuff but I'll be on the lookout what a great addition to your atcs! I've been using my sewing machine a bit :)

  4. Hey Catherine! I've been using the old machine quite a bit lately. Haven't posted to my blog yet, but here is a link to my Flickr site where you can see some of my hearts and a tag that I recently completed...


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